Shipping Container Supplier for Mississauga, Ontario

Not only are we Canada’s leading shipping container supplier, and proud of it, Challenger Pallet and Crate are also ideally situated to offer top quality shipping containers in and around the Mississauga, Ontario area.

When you have an unusual product to ship and need a unique shipping container, you will be pleased to know that we specialize in the manufacture of custom made shipping container designs for any product.

At Challenger Pallet, we have the capability to supply the explicit needs of our Mississauga, Ontario area customers by producing shipping containers in a vast array of sizes and styles. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality shipping containers and to ensuring that all of our shipping containers arrive at your facility safely and efficiently. Our company adheres to international heat-treatment guidelines dictated by ISPM 15 and can ensure that your cargo is certified to cross borders freely to all points of the world.

Your “on demand” shipping container supplier

Simply provide us with your container order, and we’ll gladly build your shipping containers. Soon we’ll be loading a truck with everything you need, including shipping containers of various sizes, pallets, crates, corner-posts, and sending it all to you in and around the Mississauga, Ontario area.

Shipping containers – to your Mississauga schedule

Knowing you need your freight to be delivered on time, we keep a significant inventory of lumber on hand. We utilize our custom equipment to respond to customer calls as quickly as possible. We focus on consistently supplying all shipping container orders within an established time frame, for customers in Mississauga, Ontario and surrounding areas. At Challenger Pallet we pride ourselves on being very adaptable and ready to supply mixed or partial loads if needed, to provide the timely delivery you can trust.

If you are looking for a dependable shipping container supplier, we are Mississauga, Ontario ‘s choice for top quality and excellent service.

We are ready to fulfill your custom Pallet & Crating needs.