Shipping Container Supplier Detroit, Michigan

As the leading shipping container supplier in Canada and proud of that distinction, Challenger Pallet and Crate are also proud of serving the needs of Detroit, Michigan for top quality shipping containers.

We can employ endless skill and creativity to supply you with the solution for transporting your unique product. Custom made shipping container designs is our specialty and we are ready to manufacture the shipping container suited to the explicit dimensions of your product

Challenger Pallet and Crate are able to meet the explicit needs of our Detroit, Michigan and Metro area clients by producing hundreds of different sizes and styles of shipping containers. We are fully equipped to supply not only the highest quality shipping containers and to ensure that all of our shipping containers arrive safely and efficiently. Our company complies with international heat-treatment standards dictated by ISPM 15 and can make certain that your cargo is authorized to cross borders freely everywhere in the world.

Shipping Containers delivered on demand

When you need shipping containers, it takes a simple order from you to prompt us to build your shipping containers. Soon, we are loading a truck with the materials you need from wooden pallets of all sizes, to crates, to corner-posts. We can supply it all to Detroit, Michigan and the surrounding area.

Detroit, Michigan – We understand your time constraints

Custom equipment and extensive lumber supply help us ensure that when customers call, all shipping container orders are supplied within an arranged time-frame for customers local to Detroit, Michigan. We understand the importance of your freight arriving in a timely fashion, and we at Challenger Pallet pride ourselves in being highly flexible and able to supply mixed or partial truckloads on time, every time.

If you are in need of a reliable shipping container supplier, we are the trusted choice of the Detroit,  area for top quality and superior service.

We are ready to fulfill your custom Pallet & Crating needs.