Custom Freight for Kitchener, Ontario

At Challenger Pallet and Crate, we are very proud to be Canada’s leading supplier of custom freight containers and skids, perfectly located to provide Kitchener, Ontario with top-notch custom freight containers and skids, within and around the entire Kitchener area.

Knowing that each customer’s needs are unique, we can meet any custom freight skid and container requirements, including custom design and build of specialized crates and skids, to a full selection of standard sizes.

We are able to meet the individual needs of our Kitchener, Ontario based customers by producing hundreds of different sizes and styles of custom freight containers and skids. We are fully equipped to supply not only the highest quality skids and crates to transport your custom freight, but to also ensure that all of our custom freight skids and containers arrive safely and efficiently. Our company complies with international heat-treatment standards dictated by ISPM 15 and can ensure that your cargo is authorized to cross borders freely, worldwide.

Request custom freight containers and skids as required

As soon as your custom freight containers and skid order is provided to us, and we get started building your order, then loading a truck with your custom freight order, and standard wooden pallets of various sizes, crates, corner-posts, everything you need, we can deliver it all to you in Kitchener, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

We respect your schedule – Kitchener, Ontario

To ensure that your custom freight skid and container order is always delivered on time, we maintain a substantial lumber inventory and work extra shifts to guarantee our ability to respond to customer calls. We strive to consistently supply all custom freight containers and skids orders within an established time frame for clients in the Kitchener, Ontario area. At Challenger Pallet we pride ourselves on being very adaptable, ready to supply mixed or partial loads to meet your needs, so you can trust our timely delivery.

We are Kitchener, Ontario’s favourite choice for highest quality and service, when you need a custom freight container and skid supplier you can depend on.

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We are ready to fulfill your custom Pallet & Crating needs.