Pallet Supplier for Brampton, Ontario

We have a proven track record at Challenger Pallet and Crate as an exceptional pallet supplier, serving Brampton, Ontario and vicinity. Canada’s leader in this field, we are in a perfect location to meet Brampton needs for quality pallets.

As the top pallet supplier, we know our customers’ unique needs, and accommodate those needs, by specializing in the manufacture of custom wooden pallet and crate designs, as well as a wide selection of standard sized wooden pallets.

Challenger Pallet is the pallet supplier who can meet the wooden pallet and skid demands of our Brampton area customers by producing hundreds of different sizes and styles. We are able to offer not only top quality pallets, but to also make certain that all of our wooden pallets arrive safely and efficiently. Challenger Pallet observes the international heat-treatment standards dictated by ISPM 15 and can certify that our pallets can cross borders freely the world over.

Pallet supplier responsive to your needs

We waste no time in getting your order on its way to Brampton, Ontario and surrounding areas. Our shipping department will load a truck with everything you need – wooden pallets of various sizes, crates, corner-posts, and soon it is on the road to you.

On time, every time to Brampton, Ontario

It takes a pallet supplier with the willingness to keep substantial pallet inventory and working double shifts, to protect the ability to respond to customer calls. We supply all pallet orders to a pre-determined time frame, often as next day for customers local to the Brampton vicinity. At Challenger Pallet, we understand your freight must be delivered on time, and we take pride in being a very flexible pallet supplier, who is able to supply partial or mixed shipments each and every time.

We are the pallet supplier known as Brampton’s first choice for reliability, top quality and excellent service.

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We are ready to fulfill your custom Pallet & Crating needs.