Wood Waste Disposal Helps Industry to Recycle

Ontario Company Using Bandit Beast Recycler for Grinding Wood Packaging Material into Quality Mulch

DRESDEN, Ontario — The forest products industry has learned how to get significantly more value from wood fiber in the past 25 years. As a result, an area that once was nearly an invisible part of the industry has risen to become one of its most vital sectors. Today, because of the efforts of companies like Wood Waste Disposal Ltd. and suppliers such as Bandit Industries, the concept of wood waste is becoming extinct.

Residuals produced by sawmills, secondary products manufacturers, and other members of the forest products industry are no longer viewed as waste. Now they are viewed as the raw material for yet another level of product — and an additional source of revenue and profit.

Wood Waste Disposal manufactures a valuable product out of material that used to be a burden to the forest products industry as well as to society, noted owner Mark Smith. Residual wood fiber once was a solid waste disposal challenge, considered something only to be burned or buried. Now, businesses like Wood Waste Disposal are using it to create valuable products. “I’m proud to be part of an industry that has brought about that transformation in the way we look at what used to be called waste,” said Mark.

Mark founded Wood Waste Disposal as the result of personal adversity. He was injured in an automobile accident in 1988. After the accident, he re-evaluated what he was doing in life and considered new options. He came across a newspaper article about wood recycling and grinding. He quickly became fascinated with the idea of making a product out of what other businesses discarded. Before long, he was in business. “I rolled the dice and, after a lot of very hard work, saw it pay off in what we have built here at Wood Waste Disposal,” he said.

Wood Waste Disposal is based in Dresden, Ontario, only a few dozen miles from the U.S. border near Detroit, Michigan. The company is located near the heartland of the manufacturing infrastructure of both Canada and U.S. The region has abundant manufacturers with large volumes of wood waste to dispose of — excess and scrap pallets, crates, and boxes used to ship raw materials, parts or components from suppliers. As the manufacturing sector has grown, Mark noted, disposal of broken or otherwise unusable shipping materials has become a serious challenge. It also has grown more expensive as landfill costs have increased and incineration has became an environmentally unpopular option. Many of these manufacturing businesses have turned to Wood Waste Disposal.

Mark began to serve these customers with a grinding machine and a lot of determination to build a company that could convert the region’s wood waste into a viable product. After years of experiments and some setbacks, he came up with a concept that has turned his company around and positioned it for what looks like a bright future. Mark combined roll-off boxes for collecting wood waste from customers with the grinding performance of the Bandit Industries Model 3680 Beast Recycler®.

Mark was “pushed” into buying a roll-off truck and boxes by a customer that wanted an easy way to collect wood waste and deliver it to Wood Waste Disposal — without the hassles and costs of loading and unloading by hand or machine. The roll-off boxes worked perfectly for the customer and Mark’s company, and he expanded their use in his business. “Most of the good things that have happened over the past four years came as a result of that move,” said Mark. “It’s not only been a big benefit to our customers, it has guaranteed the supply of wood I need to operate at the level I want to.”

Wood Waste Disposal retrieves non-hazardous wood waste and primarily processes it into colored mulch for wholesale markets. The company also does a substantial business in selling by-products of the mulch production process and is increasingly involving itself in residential and commercial collection of wood waste.

The company collects wood waste in roll-off boxes it stations at customer sites throughout southwest Ontario and also receives some material that is delivered to its gate. Wood Waste Disposal serves the large automotive manufacturing industry, truss manufacturers, and other secondary wood manufacturers. Mark’s company processes only clean wood waste; it does not recycle construction debris, whole trees, brush, or other material. The reason, he explained, is that clean wood fiber makes a high quality colored mulch product.

Incoming wood is segregated by type; material from truss plants and similar businesses are stored separately from pallets, crates and boxes.

Mark is committed to recycling for the highest and best use, so he allows pallet recycling companies to visit his yard and recover material. Lumber that can be used for pallet recycling is diverted from the grinder.

The Bandit Industries Beast Recycler is a high-capacity grinder capable of reducing virtually any material likely to come into the Wood Waste Disposal yard. Mark uses a double grind process. Wood fiber first is reduced and processed with a 3-inch diamond screen. It goes through the grinder a second time and is sized with a 2-inch baffle screen to make the finished product. The double grind process is more effective at removing scrap metal and makes a more consistent quality mulch, which can sell for a premium. Many of
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