Custom Wood Pallet

Challenger Pallet and Crate specialize in custom wooden pallets, crates and boxes ready for your shipment.

We supply London, Toronto, Windsor and Chatham with an assortment of custom palets, pallets and crates, whatever your needs Challenger Pallet and Crate are available to provide you with the best custom palet and crating service available.

Toronto Pallets

We service the 401 corridor from Detroit over to Toronto. Supplying Skids, Pallets and Crates to Windsor, London Kitchener. Cambridge, Waterloo, Mississauga along with Crates in Brampton, Skids in Hamilton and Pallets in Burlington Pallets Toronto. South Western Ontario is our market for custom Palets and Crates.

Pallets and Crates Ontario

Challenger produces hundreds of different pallet sizes and configurations ontario delivery, each requiring a unique lumber package. We maintain high inventory levels of pallets to ensure quick deliverability throughout Toronto Palets Crates, London Palets, Windsor Crates Pallets.

Telephone: +1 519.674.1348

Challenger Pallet’s customer service is top notch, they are always available and ready with the right answers. - Dawn A, Manufacturing Company.

Pallet Supplier for Sterling Heights, Michigan

Date: 11 Aug 2016
Proud to be the leading pallet supplier in Canada, Challenger Pallet and Crate is proud of that distinction, and of serving the needs of Sterling Heights, Michigan businesses for top quality pallets. We are the pallet supplier, more than able to provide a complete range of standard sized wooden pallets and also specialize in the manufacture of custom made wooden pallet and crate designs. To supply...

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Pallet Supplier for Warren, Michigan

Date: 11 Aug 2016
Challenger Pallet and Crate is proud to be Canada's leading pallet supplier, ideally situated to supply quality pallets within and around Warren, Michigan and vicinity. We are the pallet supplier who understands that each customer's needs are unique. We are able to meet any wooden pallet requirement, from a complete range of standard sizes, to building custom crate and wooden pallet designs. Through...

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Pallet Supplier for Brampton, Ontario

Date: 11 Aug 2016
We have a proven track record at Challenger Pallet and Crate as an exceptional pallet supplier, serving Brampton, Ontario and vicinity. Canada's leader in this field, we are in a perfect location to meet Brampton needs for quality pallets. As the top pallet supplier, we know our customers' unique needs, and accommodate those needs, by specializing in the manufacture of custom wooden pallet and crate...

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